Athena: the Extremes of the Universe,
from Black Holes to Large-scale Structure

Athena Italian Day (March 22nd, 2012)

ATHENA is one of the large mission candidates for the ESA Cosmic Vision program 2015-2025, together with JUICE and NGO. It is competing for entering a definition phase, and a launch as early as 2022.
Athena is an observatory-class X-ray mission designed to provide a major leap forward in high-energy observational capabilities, making it possible to address a suite of key questions in modern astrophysics.

This one-day workshop is intended to provide the interested italian community with an update on the characteristics and performance of the Athena mission and highlight the wide range of science topics that Athena will address.

Rome, Italy
INAF Sede centrale
March 22nd, 2012

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Nota Bene:

Maximum number of attendees in the Aula Cimino will limit participants to the first 80 persons to register.

Organizing Committee

Massimo Cappi
Andrea Comastri
Stefano Ettori
Giorgio Matt
Giorgio Palumbo
Giovanni Pareschi
Luigi Piro
Salvo Sciortino