International Conference on
Shining from the heart of darkness: black hole accretion and jets

Kathmandu, Nepal, October 16 - 21, 2016

Sixth in a series of astrophysical conferences held in Kathmandu (Nepal), the meeting will mainly focus on accretion physics and jet launching and evolution mechanisms in galactic and extragalactic sources. We plan to address major observational and theoretical results on these topics for a wide range of cosmic sources. Emphasis will also be given to multiwavelength studies of cosmic sources and to multi-messenger physics, gravitational waves in particular.

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Scientific Organizing Committee

Vasily Beskin (Lebedev Phys. Inst., Russia)
Markus Boettcher (North-West Univ., South Africa)
Barbara de Marco, (MPE, Germany)
Marat Gilfanov(MPA, Germany)
Erin Kara (AST Cambridge, UK)
Stefanie Komossa (chair, Bonn, Germany)
Chryssa Kouveliotou (GWU, USA)
Carole Mundell (Bath Univ., UK)
Sathyaprakash B.S. (Cardiff Univ., UK)
Lukasz Stawarz (ISAS/JAXA, Japan)
Luigi Stella (INAF/OARoma, Italy
Michele Trenti (Melbourne Univ., Australia)
Alexander Tschekhovskoy (Princeton Univ., USA)
Phil Uttley (Amsterdam Univ., NL)
Andrzej Zdziarski (NCAC, Poland)

Local Organizing Committee

Binil Aryal (Tribhuvan Univ., Nepal),
Sergio Colafrancesco (Wits Univ. & SKA South Africa)
Stefanie Komossa (Bonn, Germany
Eliana Palazzi (INAF/IASF-Bologna, Italy)
Andrzej Zdziarski (chair, NCAC, Poland)
Janusz Ziolkowski (NCAC, Poland)