Science with the new
Hubble Space Telescope
after Servicing Mission 4

A workshop to discuss the unprecedented scientific capabilities of HST after Servicing Mission 4 presently scheduled for early August 2008. These will include wide-field imaging across the electomagnetic spectrum from the UV to the near-IR, and high throughput spectroscopy in the far-UV, making HST the premier space-based facility for UV, optical and near-IR astronomy in the years to come.

CNR Conference Center
Bologna, Italy
January 29-31, 2008

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Scientific Organizing Committee

Tim de Zeeuw (ESO)
Robert Fosbury (ST-ECF/ESA)
Eva Grebel (U. Heidelberg)
Jim Green (U. Colorado)
Jerry Kriss (STScI)
David Leckrone (NASA GSFC)
Duccio Macchetto (STScI/ESA)
Antonella Nota (STScI/ESA)
Robert O'Connell (U. Virginia)
Francesco Paresce (IASF-BO), Chair
I. Neill Reid (STScI)
Alvio Renzini (INAF/OA-PD)
Nick Scoville (Caltech)
Monica Tosi (INAF/OA-BO)
Alfred Vidal-Madjar (IAP/CNRS)

Local Organizing Committee

Guido Di Cocco (INAF/IASF-BO)
Luigina Feretti (INAF/IRA)
Francesco Ferraro (UNIBO)
Flavio Fusi Pecci (INAF/OA-BO)
Paola Grandi (INAF/IASF-BO)
Giuseppe Malaguti (INAF/IASF-BO)
Nazzareno Mandolesi (INAF/IASF-BO)
Manuela Spiga (INAF/IASF-BO)